Attn: Editors

The Progressive Media Project sends out concise, accurate, and well-argued op-eds that get picked up by newspapers around the country.

We distribute our op-eds primarily through the McClatchy-Tribune Information Services. Its main number is: (202) 383-6095.

If you don't subscribe to McClatchy-Tribune but would still like to receive op-eds from the Progressive Media Project, contact us at or call (608) 257-4626.

Here is a list of a few of the newspapers that regularly carry our op-eds:

  • Atlanta Journal-Constitution
  • Baltimore Sun
  • Buffalo News
  • Charlotte Observer
  • Detroit Free Press
  • Houston Chronicle
  • Kansas City Star
  • Miami Herald
  • Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Minneapolis Star Tribune
  • Oregonian
  • Philadelphia Inquirer
  • San Diego Union-Tribune
  • San Francisco Chronicle
  • Seattle Times